How to Add a Product to your WooCommerce Store from Mobile

This article shows you how to add a product to your store from your mobile phone.

“Add New” Product Section

1. Press the hamburger icon

2. Select “Products”

3. Select “Add New”, you can press the hamburger icon again to close the side menu now

“Product Name” and “Product Description” Sections

4. Enter the product name

5. Enter the product description. This should be a long descriptive paragraph (do not use the “Add Media” button here)

“Publish” Section

This is the section where you make you product “live” and publish it on the internet. You will need to complete the other sections FIRST, then come BACK to this section.

6. If you just want to save the product but not make it live yes then hit “Save Draft”.

7. You have the option to publish it, or make it live on a certain date and time. Most times you will not use this.

8. This is where you can see how many views the post has, if you come back to the product page later this number will be going up as more people see the product.

9. When you press Publish, it makes the product available for sale online. It will be publicly visible after pressing this.

10. If you have a similar product you can clone this product to a new draft using this.

“Product Image” Section

11. This is you main image, this is what they will see when looking at the product before they click on it.

“Product Gallery”, “Product Categories” and “Product Tags” Sections

12. This is the other images for the product, they will only see these on the product page

13. These are the product categories, you can have a product in multiple categories if you want

14. These are the product tags, it helps the search engines. This should be a whole phrase like “Fleetwood passenger window for sale” or “Cadillac emblem for sale”. Think of what people might be searching for on Google. Add in a lot of tags!

“Product Data” Section

This section has multiple sections. Its important to follow these steps and fill them out

15. The first section is the price section

16. Usually you will just enter a regular price

17. If you enter a Sale price, it MUST be LOWER than the regular price. Customers will see the original price and the new sale price

18. This is the stock management section

19. The SKU number is optional, you can leave it blank or enter a SKU, a SKU is like a tracking number for your products.

20. If you check this checkbox then you can keep track of the stock counts

21. This is how many you have in stock, if any get sold then the system will update this automatically.

22. Usually we keep this to “Do not allow”. This is if you want the customer to sign up for backorders. Once its back in stock, they will get an email.

23. This will alert you when stock is low, the default is two.

24. This is the shipping section

25. Shipping is calculated by weight. You should experiment with different zip codes and weights to make sure your shipping price is a “worst case scenario”. The dimensions would be good to help your shipping program give you a good quote.

“Product Short Description” Section

26. Enter the short product description. This should be a short summary. Two sentences max! (do not use the “Add Media” button here)

“Publish” Section

Once you are done with everything make sure you go back to the Publish section

27. Save Draft = Just save and do not make it live on the internet

28. Publish = Publish is and make it live on the internet.

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